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About Maxi Cap Inc

Maxi Cap Inc was founded in 1998 by an HVACR serviceman with more than 20 years of field experience. After numerous nuisance service calls due to iced-up regulators, he thought there must be a way to protect the customer's safety and the contractor's reputation. Now rhere is, it’s our product, and it's called the Maxicap.

Regulator protection is required by nearly every mechanical code relating to natural gas pressure regulators.  The Maxicap helps you and your customers meet these important code requirements. 

Some contractors actually remove the vent limiters from regulators, increasing the risk of escaping gas. This action endangers the safety of their customers, and exposes the contractor to thousands of dollars in potential liability. The Maxicap allows customers and contractors to maintain vent limit protection without sacrificing safety, while preventing ice-ups and the infiltration of harmful foreign debris.

Additionally, the customer may not realize that a regulator freeze-up is not the fault of a contractor, they only realize the contractor must come out to fix it again.  Save yourself the time, and them trouble, install a Maxicap. If you don’t, your competition will.

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