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Welcome to Maxi Cap Inc

Maxi Cap Inc is the creator of the original protective cover for gas pressure regulators - the Maxicap.

Our Maxicaps help protect your regulator from physical damage, ice, snow, water, dirt, debris, and insects - anything that could damage your regulator and prevent it from working properly. 

Save yourself time, money and hassle, check out our Maxicaps today!


Did You Know?

Regulator protection is required by nearly every code relating to gas pressure regulators including:

  • International Fuel Gas Code

  • Uniform Mechanical Code

  • NFPA 58 - Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code

  • ANSI Standard Z21.80

  • CSA B149.1

Maxicaps help provide that protection

Contact Us

PO BOX 602
HUGO, MN 55038

FAX: 1-651-762-8051

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