About Us

MAXICAP was designed by a HVACR serviceman with more than 20 years field experience. After numerous nuisance service calls due to iced-up regulators, he thought there must be a way to protect the customers safety and the contractors reputation. There is, it’s called MAXICAP.

Some contractors actually remove the vent limiters from their regulators increasing the risk of gas escaping. This action endangers the safety of their customers. It also exposes the contractor to thousands of dollars in potential liability. The MAXICAP allows you to maintain vent limit protection without the worry of ice-ups.

The customer may not realize that a freeze-up is not the fault of a contractor, he only realizes that the contractor must come out to fix it again. They will never expect a bill for your time for something beyond your control. Save yourself the time, and them trouble, install MAXICAP. If you don’t, your competition will.

Regulator protection is required by the Uniform Mechanical Code. Chapter 13 Fuel- Gas Piping 1320.9 Mechanical Protection. Atmospherically controlled regulators shall be installed in such a manner that moisture cannot enter the regulator vent opening and accumulate above the diaphragm. When the vent may be obstructed by snow or ice, shields, hoods or other suitable devices shall be provided to guard against obstruction of the vent opening.
MAXICAP meets this important code requirement.