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Our MC-3s will fit any Maxitrol® 325-3 regulator as well as O.A.R.A Gastite regulators.  Maxicaps are manufactured to ISO standards so you know you're purchasing a safe, reliable product, produced with quality in mind.


Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Purchase Maxicaps?

Our Maxicaps can be purchased through our North American distributor, Minvalco.  Minvalco has four locations, and can be reached at http://www.minvalco.com/ContactUs.aspx

Will Maxicaps Void My Regulator Warranty?

Maxicaps do not change the form, fit, or function of any regulator, they are simply a protective cover.  More importantly, it is a violation of United States federal law for a manufacturer to require a consumer to purchase their protection products to maintain your warranty.  For more information, visit our home page to learn about the Magnuson-Moss Act.

What are Maxicaps Made of?

Our MC-3s are made of vulcanized rubber, while both our MC-5s and MC-7s are made of dipped plastisol.